Here are some testimonials and photos from parents, students, and teachers across the country:

“During this unprecedented time of unknowns, Ms. Teresa has provided a invaluable opportunity for our daughter to continue her music lessons outside of the classroom. She is able to watch each lesson multiple times throughout the week and truly enjoys the experience of continued learning and music appreciation!”

~ parent of Apple Student Evi (doing actions to “Digging Moles”) with teacher and owner Teresa Sanecki, Niagara School Of Music, Niagara, ON

“Changing Yamaha group classes to online definitely is the most challenging thing to do during this isolation period. The first struggle is to get the parent to understand how to angle the camera for the piano and the kid. Second, to have a good quality sound delivery to the students. Third, for teacher to under-stand which activity work well online and some just won’t work at all. On top of that, I have updated my internet service, a new mic, a speaker and a boom stand for the bird eye view of the keyboard. After a month of adjustment, online classes finally can run more smoothly now.”

~ Teacher and owner Rebecca Chan, Sound Direction School Of Music, Richmond, BC