Our Students

Music Wonderland

Our amazing Music Wonderland class, kids ages 3 and 4.  We have a lot of fun while we learn!
(September 2017)

Music Recital

Our first recital-so proud of our students! Ages 7 and up here! (Our 3’s, and JK/SK kids aren’t quite there yet but looking forward to hearing them in the near future at our June Music Ensemble Concert!  (December 2017)

Seniors Class

Last lesson for one of my Yamaha Senior Keyboard classes. They did a great job of “Yesterday”! What fun! See you in September!

(June 2017)

Junior Music Students

These kids are my 2nd year Yamaha students in Hamilton (age 5, one student missing.)  They wanted to play Red Shoes ensemble from their June 10th concert. Loved it!  (June 2017)

Year-End Concert

Year-end concert’s theme was “Take me out to the ball game”. Ensemble is an important part of the Yamaha music programs! Ear development, rhythm training and so much more! (Having fun too!) (August 2015)


My 4th year students graduating from the Yamaha Junior Music program on June 17! From learning “Hot Cross Buns” to playing “Bach Minuet” as well as publishing a class booklet of their own compositions! I will surely miss them!