Hello Niagara School of Music Community!

Though we have come under another lockdown, let’s keep our hopes up! Vaccinations have opened up to more age groups and we are hopeful that things will ‘calm down’ soon!

In the meantime, let’s not forget about music. Studies show that music affects brain function in a good way – music truly soothes and heals. Please keep playing and moving forward with your music education. Enjoy a walk outside, or just sit outside and have ‘Alexa’ play some music for you!

Our next recital series is May 28 and 29 – we will keep you posted about times. Since many of our Yamaha Group Students are getting ready for exams in June; many will be playing their 2 exam songs at this recital. We are looking forward to a great recital series!

Musical Ladder
Well done students! Teachers and Staff are so proud of you! We have just completed our first Musical Ladder levels and students are looking forward to the next level! Many received their first wristbands and our higher levels received wristbands and a trophy. Check with your teacher for your next assessment!

We thank you for your commitment to giving yourself or your children the gift of music – a gift that keeps on giving!

Congratulations to all our students!