Reviews from our students and parents

Valerie Lobo

We have had our three children doing music lessons at the Niagara School of Music in Welland for a few years now. We are really happy with the teachers and the way the program is structured. Melissa is fantastic with piano lessons. She is very professional, always smiling and she radiates a deep, soulful love of music, which she is passionate about passing on to her students. She is patient and very encouraging and helps the kids to do their very best.

Pat is great with guitar lessons too. Again, he is very passionate about what he teaches and seeks to instill that love of music in his students. He goes the extra mile to help his students grow and soar.

Teresa runs the school very professionally and is approachable and extremely prompt on any matter related to music lessons.

Would definitely recommend the Niagara School of Music.

Krista Braniff

Niagara school of music has been a great experience since we started last September. Everyone is very friendly and my son loves his music program. Teresa our music teacher is phenomenal. Very patient,friendly, organized, and never missed a class. She always kept us up to date especially when the pandemic started last March. She took her classes online for the kids.
Although we missed the social aspect because of the pandemic, it was great to see how passionate the staff are about teaching music to their students despite circumstances and how they made all the changes so that we can practice music safely as a group. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall!

Helena Porco

I drive forty minutes to bring my daughters to the Niagara School of Music. With my father being a retired high school music teacher and amazed at the progressions my daughters have made with their musical talent I knew Teresa was a gem with her outstanding teachings. I would recommend her school to anyone in the area or anyone willing to drive a few extra kilometres for incredible programming.

Mom of Angelena & Agustina

Zsuzsanna Lacroix

This music school is amazing!!! Miss Teresa is extremely knowledgeable and so wonderful with the children. The kids learn music in an exciting and fun way, not the boring old way where they want to quit soon after they started. Parents are participating as well so we know how to help our children. I highly recommend this school.

Melanie Oakes-Flegg

My children have all attended the Niagara School of Music since the age of 2. Classes are engaging, interactive and have age appropriate pacing and content. Parent presence in the class provides a shared learning experience and bonding time between the child and parent. Group lessons provide sufficient opportunities for individual student attention. Teachers are very skilled musically and connect with each student with their demonstration of care, compassion and kindness.

Loris Lucchetta

Niagara School of Music provides a fun environment for my kids to learn piano. The instructors are very thorough and dedicated. Keyboards are up to date and class sizes are small. Students also get an opportunity to play independently and in an ensemble during recitals and year end concerts. We look forward to our weekly music lessons!