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Check out the Yamaha Music Friends class for 9 to 12-year-olds.

Classes Offered by Niagara School of Music


Age: 2 and 3-years-old (age 2 by September)
Classes:  30 minutes per week
Fee:  $40 per month

Parent and child music program
The program we teach has several benefits: studies have shown that music has tremendous benefits to children and adults alike! For preschool children certain songs and rhythms can stimulate brain neurons which helps increase spatial IQ. Other songs help in the large and small muscle development.

And finally, certain rhythms and songs help children in their reading skills and ability to eventually read smoothly and with expression.

We use bells, rhythm sticks and tambourines to enhance their enjoyment of the lessons. All of this is done in a creative, fun way and it is a joy to see their development over the months! All activities are no more than 2-3 minutes long so as to stay within the focus of the age of the child.

Music Wonderland

Age: 3 and 4-years-old (age 3 by September)
Classes:  45 minutes per week
Fee:  $54 per month

Music Wonderland is designed to provide children with an introduction to music in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Together with their parents, children experience singing, introductory keyboard activities, movement and listening to music. Music Wonderland lays the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyable music making through these carefully planned activities.

Junior Music

Age: 4 and 5-years-old (age 4 by September)
Classes:  45 minutes per week
Fee:  $64 per month

Early childhood is the ideal time to start music lessons. At this age, the ear is at its peak of sensitivity. Learning music is as natural as learning to speak. The unique curriculum is designed to give your child the best opportunity to develop basic music skills. The creative approach centers on developing the three essential elements of pitch, harmony, and rhythm. The Junior Music Course develops the musical child from within. Children can not only play the keyboard/piano, but have a great ear, sense of rhythm and ability to read music! The approach that music is a language and is learned by hearing, verbalizing, playing, reading have produced amazing results.

Young Musicians

Age: 6 to 8-years-old
Classes:  45 minutes per week
Fee:  $64 per month

The Young Musicians Course is a great way for children to begin a lifetime enjoyment of music. The three-year curriculum develops musicianship and keyboard playing skills with wonderful materials written specifically for beginners of this age. I have been teaching these programs for 35 years and can tell you that you will be amazed at the results: ear training, rhythm training, theory, reading music as well as ensemble (they feel like they are playing in a band while having fun!)

Piano Club

Age: 8 to 10-years-old
Classes: 45 minutes per week
Fee: $64 per month

Piano Club is a two-year program designed to teach beginning students, aged 8 to 10, how to play and enjoy a wide variety of piano styles. Basic musicianship skills, including a good sense of rhythm and pitch are developed through solfege singing and keyboard ensembles.

Music Friends

Age: 9 to 12-years-old
Fee: $64 per month

The unique Music Friends Course integrates individual and group teaching methods so that students develop playing abilities at their own pace – akin to individual lessons – and enjoy the benefits of group lessons, such as the fun of ensemble playing and solfege singing.

Private Piano, Keyboard, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Trumpet, French Horn and Voice Lessons

Age: 9-years-old and up
Fee: $22 per half hour

Private lessons are available for acoustic, bass and electric guitar and ukulele, piano and keyboard, and voice.

New this year are private lessons for trumpet and french horn!

Senior Private Lessons

Fee: $22 per half hour


There are many tremendous benefits for seniors to gain from learning a musical instrument. People say music is good for your soul, but we now know music has a powerful effect on the brain and can enhance memory, motor coordination and communication. After a busy life, why not learn to play a musical instrument in your retirement. It is the ideal activity to enrich your life.

Seniors Class

Age: 55 and up
Classes: 45 minutes per week
Fee: 10 week session for $100

The seniors keyboard course is perfect for older beginners or people who want to pick up where they may have left off many years ago.

At Yamaha we believe that music is a lifelong activity and there are no rules that say you can’t learn at any age. Our group teaching method and experienced teachers will ensure you have a fun, social and interactive experience.


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Promoting excellence in music education, a life-long love of music in our students, providing fellowship and professional growth among members.

Top 10 Reasons Why Niagara School of Music Is For YOU!

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    REASON 1

    Specific curriculum, geared to the age of the student and laid out in a full year’s program.
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    REASON 6

    Group classes are live streamed AND recorded for help with practice at home, or if you must miss a class.
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    REASON 2

    Since 1954, successful music courses that engage your child in not only learning but having fun with their peers.
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    REASON 7

    For private lessons, in person or online, whatever your comfort level.
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    REASON 3

    Courses are Canada-wide so wherever you may go, your child can continue their course of study!
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    REASON 8

    A variety of music styles taught to suit the needs of the student: classical (Royal Conservatory), rock, country, etc.


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    REASON 4

    Highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers, passionate about what they teach.
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    REASON 9

    Fully stocked and up to date equipment to offer the best music education.


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    REASON 5

    Proven track record – check out our reviews page!
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    REASON 10

    Music Recitals and concerts to enhance the student’s experience.