2021 Private Lessons Schedule - Welland Campus
Piano & VoiceJuliaWednesday 4:00 to 8:00 PM
Online Piano & VoiceAmandaTuesday
PianoAbigailTuesday & Thursday
Guitar, Ukulele, MandolinPatMonday & Saturday
Guitar, Ukulele, MandolinDonTuesday & WednesdayGroup guitar and Ukulele available
Guitar, Ukulele, MandolinLewisThursdayGroup guitar and Ukulele available
2021 Private Lessons Schedule - Niagara Falls Campus
Piano & VoiceJuliaMonday Thursday will be available when Monday class is filled
Guitar, Ukulele, MandolinLewisTuesday Friday & SaturdayGroup guitar & ukulele available on Friday & Saturday

Private Lesson Fees:
Semi-private: 2 students for 30 minutes lesson
Fee Per Lesson: $20 per person

Group Lessons: 3 to 6 students for 45 minute lesson
Fee Per Lesson: $18 per lesson

2020-2021 Class Schedule - Welland Campus

JMC 1 FullBMonday5:45 PM
JMC 3DMonday5:45 PM
YMC 1 FullBMonday 6:30 PM
YMC 3DMonday6:30 PM
YMC 1BMonday7:15 PM
JMC 2BTuesday5:00 PM
JMC 4BTuesday5:45 PM
JAC 2BTuesday6:30 PM
Music WonderlandBWednesday10:30 AM
Music WonderlandBWednesday5:15 PM
YMC 2BWednesday6:00 PM
YMC 1BWednesday6:45 PM
AppleD-1Thursday5:00 PM
JMC 1BThursday5:30 PM
Music FriendsBThursday6:15 PM

2020-2021 Class Schedule - Niagara Falls Campus

JMC 1Tuesday6:00 PM
JMC 4Wednesday4:20 PM
AppleWednesday5:20 PM
JMC 1Wednesday6:00 PM
PC 2Wednesday6:45 PM
Music FriendsWednesday7:30 PM
Music WonderlandThursday5:00 PM
JMC 2Thursday5:45 PM
YMC 1Thursday6:30 PM
YMC 3Thursday7:45 PM

Here’s our calendar for 2020-2021: